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Just as their name suggests, cherry angiomas are red lumps that appear on your skin. Though they’re usually harmless, many patients have these lesions removed at Marion Dermatology, in Ocala and The Villages, Florida. Bryan Hicks, MD, has years of experience successfully removing skin lesions such as cherry angiomas, eliminating the embarrassing red spots while also ensuring you have little to no scarring. To schedule an appointment, use the online booking system or call the office that’s most convenient for you.

Cherry Angioma Q & A

What is a cherry angioma?

A cherry angioma, is a noncancerous skin growth made up of blood vessels. These growths typically appear as small bumps ranging in color from red to dark purple.

While cherry angiomas can occur anywhere on your body, they’re most often found on your chest, stomach, and back. They also tend to develop as you get older. 

What symptoms develop due to a cherry angioma?

Cherry angiomas usually don’t cause physical symptoms and they’re not a cancer risk. However, there are times when cherry angiomas should be evaluated.

If your cherry angioma begins to bleed, becomes uncomfortable, or goes through any changes in appearance, you should schedule an appointment to have the lesion evaluated by Dr. Hicks. 

How do you treat cherry angiomas?

Cherry angiomas seldom need to be treated for medical reasons. However, due to their color and a tendency to occur in groups, cherry angiomas can be very visible and affect your appearance. For this reason, many patients have them removed for cosmetic reasons.

Dr. Hicks removes cherry angiomas using an Nd:YAG laser, which operates on a wavelength that is absorbed by the red, blue, and purple colors of the veins forming the angioma. Since the laser precisely targets the blood vessels, it doesn’t harm the surrounding skin.

The Nd:YAG Laser only requires one pulse per angioma and therefore is a very efficient method for removing larger numbers of cherry angiomas. The cherry angioma typically turns dark, dries up, and disappears over 3 weeks. 

A single problematic cherry angioma can also be removed by Dr. Hicks without laser using a simple surgical technique called curettage. 

If you have any concerns about cherry angiomas or other spots on your skin, call Marion Dermatology, or schedule an appointment online.